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Questions for discussion, part I:

Why do we love travelling

Reading Anyone can travel. And it’s our (okay biased) opinion that everyone SHOULD travel. Travel has a way of speaking to you, opening your eyes and changing you from the inside out. You can use travel to relax, to see the world, to connect with others who share your passion or to just have adventure, all the while creating a pastiche of experiences and memories to cherish as you grow older. You might be traveling to visit family or friends, for work, because you’re relocating, volunteering, sight-seeing or to simply relax on a beach somewhere to get away from it all. These things are specific to you and your own personal vision for your life.

Who is better?

Questions for discussion:

~Do you believe that various nations are different from each other? What is your conviction based on?

~What are the most remarkable features of various nations that you know?

~Have you got any friends or acquaintances who doesn-t belong to your nation or culture? Do you sometimes have any problems in communication?

~Do you consider some nations being more talented and developed than other or do you think that all nations and races are equally gifted?

If I were given a chance to live another life

Questions for discussion:

~I would refuse it because... / I would accept it with gratitude, because...

~I would like to life in (a certain historic period, certain country), because...

~It would be desirable to change my... (sex, appearance, abilities, character, ...)

~I would take ... from my present life, because...

~If I were lucky to live another life, I would try to...


Questions for discussion:

  1. If you read a book, do you try to imagine things and faces in details?
  2. Do you believe that one can change one`s life by means of imagination?
  3. Does the imagination help you in your life? Had it ever happened that your imagination interfered with you?
  4. Imagination of children vs. imagination of grown-ups: what is the difference?

Visitation and Reception

Questions for discussion:

~ Do you like to go and see your friends and relatives at their places or you consider this method of communication to be a little bit old-fashioned?

~How often do you invite people to your place? Do you specially prepare for this?

~ If you go and see your people, do you bring any presents with you? What they are?

~ What is the difference between the communication at someone`s place and the communication at any other place?

My leisure time

Questions for discussion:

~ How often do you have spare time?

~ How do you usually spend it?

~ Do you sometimes go to the countryside?

~ What do you like more: to spend your spare time alone or with someone else?

Learning foreign languages

Questions for discussion:

~ What`s the main reason for your learning English? What other languages are you studying?

~ Do you enjoy learning foreign languages, or it is compulsion or necessity?

~ What are difficulties in learning foreign languages? What helps you most?

~ How successful are you in putting your knowledge in practice?

Doing shopping

Questions for discussion:

~ How often do you go shopping in the way of food and manufactured goods?

~ Do you prefer to do shopping at market or at shops?

~ Do you like haggling?

~ When is shopping pleasure for you and when is it just necessity?

Transport in our life

Questions for discussion:

~ How often do you use public transport? What kind of transport do you use more often?

~ Are you satisfied with the arrangement of public transport system in Moscow?

~What sorts of vehicles are most reliable in Moscow?


Questions for discussion:

~ Are you a photographer? Do you take your camera everywhere you go?
~ Do you make casual photos or prepare a scene before making a picture?
~ Do you have a photograph album? What kinds of pictures are there?
~ What do you prefer v to photograph or to pose?

Appearance and fortune

Questions for discussion:

~How do you think one`s appearance influences one`s fortune?
~Have you ever heard of any cases when quite an attractive appearance didn`t cause one`s happiness or luck, or, on the contrary, someone`s unprepossessing appearance didn`t prevent someone from being successful and happy?
~Could you in principle fall in love with someone whose appearance is far from being attractive but who is very kind, generous and who is ready to scarify his or her life for your sake?

Man is born for happiness as bird is born for flying

Questions for discussion:

~Do you agree with this motto? Do you think that one`s happiness depends just on oneself?
~Do you agree with one more motto: ``The only one is worthy for happiness and freedom, who struggles for them everyday?`` What other things man must struggle for? What are you ready to struggle for?
~What are the enemies of man`s happiness and how to fight them?

What will human life be like in 50 years?

Questions for discussion:

~What will be the limit of technical equipment of human`s everyday life?
~Today for most people the main concern is making money. Do you think that in 50 years the priority may change? What can it be?
~How will the relationship among people change in connection with the sweeping development of means of communication?

Would you like to be famous?

Questions for discussion:

• Are you jealous in some respect of famous people? How do you imagine the life of famous people in general?
• Did you dream of being famous in your childhood? What attracted you most of all in being famous?
• Has attitude to being famous changed? What do you think of advantaged and disadvantages of being famous?
• If you nevertheless have the opportunity to become famous, you`d like to be famous for...

How do you treat your failure?

Questions for discussion:

~ When you plan something, you usually count on success, don`t you? Is it typical for you to admit that you may also fail?
~ What do you usually do if you have failed something? Do you try to make another attempt or you just five up your intention?
~ How often do you ask for somebody`s help in case you have failed? How do you usually see your failure: as a lesson or a defeat?

Is it easy to manipulate public conscious?

Questions for discussion:

~ Do you think that your opinion of what happens around you in the world can be quite independent?
~ Do you think that there are some powers in society that are interested in manipulating peoples conscious?
~ How often do you realize that information you get is oriented on your forming certain opinion on certain things?
~ Do you sometimes resort to imposing your opinion on somebody by manipulating somebody`s conscious? And what do you feel when become aware that someone tries to do that?


Questions for discussion:

~ Do you have any tricks you use to remember things? What things are easier for you to retain in memory?
~ Do you make photos to keep memory of some events? How often do you look through you photo albums?
~ Have you ever kept a diary? Do you think it is worth doing?
~ What is your earliest memory? Does it involve sight, smell, sound, touch, or all the above? Do you remember many events from your childhood?

The Age of Information

Questions for discussion:

~ Do you believe that one who possesses information possesses everything?
~ What kind of information do you think people really can`t live without?
~ What kind of information do you consider most important and most reliable?
~ Let`s imagine our life without of public information. What it would look like?

I`d invent- to make our life more perfect

Questions for discussion:

~ What, in your opinion, the most important material thing the world is lacking in?
~ How would you do with your discovery?
~ What kind of reward would you count on for your discovery?

I believe in love. -Elton John.

Questions for discussion:

• Do you agree that love is the most important, essential part of life or may be it is just a necessary appendage to wealth and career?
• Do you remember yourself first fell in love?
• Do you believe at love at first sight?
• Do you think it is possible to keep the love fresh during all life?
• Who, in your opinion, is happier: the one who loves or the one who is beloved? Why?

Is it easy to be a chief?

Questions for discussion:

• Have you ever had any people under your leadership? How many?
• How did (or do) you treat your subordinate?
• What is more comfortable for you: to be chief or to be a subordinate?
• Do you agree with an opinion that any person is capable of being a chief? What qualities should a chief possess?
• Doesn`t it confuse you that often chiefs are quite mediocre people? How can you explain it?
• How do you see an optimum relationship between a chief and a subordinate?

Have you ever witnessed a crime?

Questions for discussion:

What qualities one needs to be a politician?

Questions for discussion:

• Are you interested in politics?
• Do you regularly keep an eye on political events within the country and in the world?
• Have you ever dreamt of being a politician? What particular qualities is it necessary to have to be a successful politician?
• Do you believe all what politicians tell us? Do you believe that they really are concerned bout those whom they have promised to serve?
• Do you think that political struggle somehow reflects people`s vital needs?

If you were the only witness to a crime, would you come forward to report it?

Questions for discussion:

• Let us imagine: you-re a witness of a theft in a big supermarket. You see another person stealing some thing that costs about 100 rubles. The theft hasn-t notice you. What would you do? In case if the cost of a stolen thing was about 1000? About 10 000?
• Let us imagine that you-re a witness of a murder, done at night near your house. You- don-t know the person that was killed. What would you do?

Would you perjure yourself to protect someone you love?

Questions for discussion:

~ Would you perjure yourself to protect someone you love?
~ Are there any ideas of yours which you couldn-t backtrack on in any case?

What parts of your life do you feel you control?

Questions for discussion:

~ What parts of your life do you feel you control?
~ How much of your life is controlled by forces beyond you?


Questions for discussion:

  1. Do you like to receive presents? Do you always like what’s been chosen for you?
  2. Do you like to give presents? Do you chose them beforehand or buy on your way to the celebration or party?
  3. What do you like more: to give presents or to receive ones?
  4. What was the most precious present in your life?
  5. What is the most unusual one?
  6. What present do you dream of?
  7. Do you make up wish lists for yourself and for your friends?

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