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Questions for discussion: Is it possible to balance alcohol consumption and a healthy lifestyle? What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? Should parents be able to determine drinking age for their children before the age of 18 (as opposed to the government controlling this)? Drink driving: in some countries it’s ok to drink a little before driving. Is it possible to have similar law in Russia? Why or why not? Should alcohol be sold after 10pm? What are the pros and cons? Do Russians really drink too much? Is alcoholism a big problem in Russia? Is contraband/low quality alcohol a big problem in Russia?

Global economy and Russia

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Questions for discussion: What can you say about the present economic situation? Compare the economic situation of today with the situation 2 years ago. Do you think that unemployment will increase / decrease in the next few years? What can we do with people who have been laid off and who have no real chance of finding another job? Has computer created or killed jobs? Describe the current business situation in your company. Has your company ever laid off employees? Do you have flextime in your company? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Which business areas have a bright future in your opinion? Should every European country join in the European Union?

Do you believe?

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Questions for discussion: Do you believe in AIDS, swine flu, bird flu, atypical pneumonia and other new disastrous plagues like those? Do you believe that people's activity causes the global warming? Do you believe in possibility of the nuclear winter catastrophe? Do you think we can fix the first plague with the second one? What about ozone holes? Isn't it scaring? Do you worry about comets, asteroids and supernovas? Do you believe that democracy is the ideal and the only possible form of governing?

How to motivate someone to buy something?

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Questions for discussion: On what emotions should we base our motivation, on positive or on negative? Is it easy to sell something really new or is it better to sell a little improved things? What is easier to sell, fish or a fishing rod? On what should we rely, on marketing researches or on our own intuition? Is it possible to sell things people really need? Need and demand are not the same, aren't they? To what part of people's mind should we appeal, to rational or irrational? What is more important, design or content? Some people want to get rid of money, don't they? Can it be a part of successful strategy? Can intelligent people be successful sellers? Or should people be manipulators for that? "Many people buy our products!" Isn't it the main winning argument? Is it an argument for you?

Financial crisis

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Questions for discussion: Do you keep track of the financial crisis? What were the main reasons of financial crisis in USA, in you opinion? What will be the consequences of crisis for Russia, in your opinion? What is going to happen with banking sector, manufacturing sector, real estate sector? Has your attitude to crisis changed during the last several weeks? What were the reasons? Do you feel impact of financial crisis on yourself? If yes, what is the impact? Are you concerned with your work status? Do you feel that you may be fired because of crisis? Are you afraid that your salary may be decreased? Do you feel concern about your place on labor market? What industry sectors are the most vulnerable? The least? Do you feel concern about your savings? Do you plan to reorganize your savings because of crisis? What is more save now, in your opinion v to save money on bank accounts or to make big purchases?

Crisis, Crisis, Crisis... What to do about Crisis?

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Questions for discussion: Is there any crisis now? What is the origin of the crisis? Should we do anything about the crisis? Are you afraid of the crisis? Can the crisis deal any damage to you? How would you protect your level of living against the crisis? What would you advise to others? Can the crisis change what has been planned by you? What will you do after the crisis?


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Questions for discussion: ~ What is more important today, producing or advertising and public relations? ~ Should we target advertising to the consciousness or to the unconscious? ~ Do good things need advertising? ~ Does the quality of the product mean anything in business terms today? ~ Does everlasting advertising affect our society a very destructive way? ~ Would you like to ban the television advertisement? ~ Must the advertisement of tobacco and alcohol production be banned? What about medicine? ~ Why isn't the spam been considered to be a crime, yet?


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Questions for discussion: ~ Does advertising on TV irritate you? Do you change chanell if you see advertising? ~ What conceal forms of advertising do you know? ~ Have you ever seen a trailer that was a reall art? ~ Can you imagine our life without advertising? ~ What is your termin of advertising?


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Questions for discussion: What are your favorite brands (food/beverages, technics, service etc)? Why do you like these brands (good advertising campaign, quality, trustworthy, prestige, smth. else)? What is your position on the ``loyalty ladder`` regarding your favorite brands: Is it easy for you to accept a substitution? Are you ready to buy any product/service of this brand or you always compare this brand with others before purchasing Have you ever met a false representation of any brand? What were the circumstances? What is your attitude to that case? In what areas of your life you consider brands when purchasing products/services? In what areas of your life brands are not important for you?