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Questions for discussion (ask and answer): What do you think are the characteristics of a good member of society? What contributions have you made to society, in your opinion? Do you believe in a high tax economy (e.g. Sweden) which distributes money to education and health or a low tax economy (e.g. the U.S.A.) where people make private provision for good services? How would you describe your society? Do you have a vision of a better society? What changes would you make? Should governments use the welfare system to encourage people to live within two parent families? At what age should a son or daughter be permitted to leave home? Should young people be allowed to buy contraceptives as soon as they reach puberty? Should the age of consent be the same for both gays and heterosexuals? Should gays and heterosexuals have the same right to join the armed forces? Should abortion be available to women on demand?

Gossip and Rumors

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Questions for discussion: How would you define gossip? Can it be somehow positive thing? What do you think of those who spread gossips? Do you know any rumour spreader? Does it happen to you when you gossip unintentionally? Can you prevent yourself from it? Have you ever heard any gossip about yourself? Did you confirm or dispel it? Can we trust any information that we hear on a grapevine? Do you consider yourself a reliable person in keeping secrets? Have you ever spilt the beans? What is your attitude to gossip about famous people? Do you care about it? Have you ever had a feeling that someone made a monkey out of you?

Telling Lies

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Questions for discussion: Why do people tell lies? Is there any excuse for doing it? Are there any people who never lie? Is lying always bad, or sometimes it is ok? What’s your attitude to white lies? Do they do any good? Do you lie only when it is necessary? Or sometimes it can come about of itself? Is it good advice to always say everything what you think? Do we have to choose proper language? Can you forgive anyone for lying? Are there any lies you can’t forgive?

Business vs. Ethics?

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Questions for discussion: Is making money moral? Can it be? Are rich people moral? Can they be? Are poor people moral? Can they be? What is a/the morality? Can ethics change? Is your boss moral? Are your employees moral? What is better – to be rich or to be moral?

Adults: who are they?

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Questions for discussion: With the age comes the freedom!? (Open discussion) Two aspects of being adult - physically and psychologically. "Being adult" according to socially accepted vision Adults today and yesterday - is there any difference? Why do some people die "young" and others live "old"? Children who want to grow up faster. Older people need more attention and care - the art of being a good child!!!

Some very controversial principles of effective behavior

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Questions for discussion: Everything is permitted. You mustn’t only be caught. You mustn’t only get in troubles. There is no crime but stupidity. Never worry about your karma. Care about nobody but yourself. Do only what you want to do. “Never regret about nothing”. And then, why do people regret? Never brake. And then, why do people brake?

Can money make you happy?

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Questions for discussion: Do you earn money mainly for wealth or for (self)respect? Can the real value of a person be measured by money he (or she) makes? Does big money make our life simpler or more difficult? Do you prefer to work to gain what you want or would you prefer to get everything without efforts? What is more important for you, unlimited consumption or creative work? How much money does your favorite art demand? How much do other people need for doing the work they love?

Taboo conversation topics

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When you fill in a form, are you happy to give this information: Your age? Your marital status? Your income? Are there any other questions you don't like answering? Look at the questions below. Decide who has the right to ask you these questions. lt may be a particular person, for example, a doctor, a priest, a police officer, a partner/lover. lt might be anybody or it might be nobody.

Should One Think Before we Read?

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Questions for discussion: Do you agree when someone decides on what you shouldn’t read or watch? Would you restrict your kids’ reading/watching? Should you always self censor your speech/behavior? Should others? Should usage of certain words or other language constructions be criminalized? Should certain ideas be removed from the intellectual context of a society? Criminalized? Do you need any freedom? How much of it? Do others need freedom? How much of it? Should some be “freer” than others?

Rights and Restrictions

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Questions for discussion: Should people have the following rights and how much should government control them in having these rights? -the right to die (think of euthanasia as a choice of a patient) -the right to kill (think of euthanasia either for pets or for people, abortion, death penalty) -the right to take light drugs, drink alcohol, smoke -the right to bear arms -the right to have children (think of women of different age) -the right to judge other people (think of jury trial) -the right to chose whether to serve your country or not (think of compulsory military service)