What do women feel toward men?

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Questions for discussion: How the attitude to men and women changed throughout the history. To love men women have to respect them. Feminism denies that men are better than women in any way. So men have nothing to be respected for, don't them?. Is any love possible now? What should women do? Forget about love? Become lesbians? Damn feminism and feminist and try to find reasons for respect? In what are men better and stronger than women except carrying heavy objects? What should men do in our modern world? What do they do? How will the situation develop? Who is interested in belittling men? How can the situation be cured? Can there be any real solution?

To marry or not, whom & how?

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Questions for discussion: Why do people get married? What does marriage mean to you? When is it a good time to get married? How did people’s attitude to marriage change over time? What’s the difference between living together as a couple and being married? Is marriage a good investment? Is it more financially sound to simply stay single? Do men and women view marriage differently? Are you in favor of no sex before marriage? What’s more important purity or sex experience? Do you think that marriage should be for life? Should divorce be made easier or more difficult? Why do you think the divorce rate is increasing in many countries? Is anyone ever really faithful? Why do people have affairs? Does it only happen with bad people in bad relationships? Do you consider relationships via Internet as cheating?

My Future/Actual Spouse

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Questions for discussion: Make an arranged by importance list of what you want from your future/actual spouse (appearance, wealth, physical strength, social status, ethnicity, religion, residence, hobbies, intellect, profession, occupation, sexual experience, number of previous marriages, number of previous children, number of children you want, fidelity, degree of “freedom allowed for you”, degree of “freedom needed for him/her”, love for pets, etc… You may even come out with something totally crazy like “I want my spouse each morning to read me a new verse created by him/her every morning” ;)) Make an arranged by importance list of what you’re ready “to give” to your future/actual spouse. Try to persuade the participants that what you think is more important really is.


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Questions for discussion: What is romance? How much is it important in your life? Why? Do men and women understand romance in different ways? What are they? Do women require romance more than men? Why? Does romance always disappear in long relations? Why? Are there any possible ways of keeping romance in relations? What are they? Could you describe the most romantic situation either real or imaginary?

To be or not to be... Alone

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Questions for discussion: Is there any sense in which you can consider yourself alone? Do you know anybody who is lonely? Can you tell his/her story? What are the reasons for solitude? Can being alone lead to more comfortable life than being with somebody? What is easier - being alone or having a relationship? How does loneliness affect a person? How does being with somebody? Can one have a relationship and at the same time be alone? Can socializing be any cure for loneliness? What do you think one should do to avoid solitude?

Relations with family and partners

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~ Relations with family: a. What area of your life gets more attention from you: your family, your work or your friends? b. How much time do you spend with your family every week? Would you like to spend more time with your family members? c. Do you have really trustful relations with your parents? Were your relations trustful when you were a child? d. Do your relationships with your children differ from your relationships with your parents when you were a child? What is the difference? d. Are there any traditions in your family that strengthen relations between brothers & sisters, parents & children? (for example, to gather together everyday for evening meal, to go in for sport together, to have common hobbies, etc.) e. Have you ever quarreled with members of your family? If quarreled, who typically tries to make peace first: you or another person? Why?

Relations with friends and colleagues

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Questions for discussion: ~ Relations with friends: a. What meaning do you put into friendship? What are your requirements to the real friends? What are you ready to input into relations with real friend? b. How much time do you spend with your friends every week? Would you like to spend more time with them? c. Have you ever quarreled with your friend(s)? If quarreled, who typically tries to make peace first: you or another person? Why?

Friendship and Love

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Questions for discussion: ~ How do you understand love and friendship? ~ How do you choose friends? ~Why do the people stop being friends? ~ Is it possible to buy love or friendship? ~ What do you think about friendship and love between men and women? ~ Is the prospect important for love and friendship? ~ Сan you describe your ideal friend?


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Questions for discussion:

~ Feminism is . . .
~ ``Business woman``
~ Financial independence
~ Household
~ Gentlemen`s behavior

Contacts & Conflicts

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Questions for discussion: ~ Misunderstanding: everybody is a ``Stranger in a strange land`` ~ Manipulation: ``The road to hell is paved with good intentions`` ~ Convenience: Conflict as a way to win authority ~ in family ~ among your friends ~ at work ~ Conflicts ruin everything / Life without conflicts is dull & monotonous