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Questions for discussion: ~Good upbringing is.. ~Character of a child: a lump of clay or some ``fresh`` OS ~There`re no poor trainees, there are poor trainers ~Bringing up a murderer / the Nobel prizewinner ~Re-forming an adult ~Train yourself!


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Questions for discussion: • Do you think that, it is necessary for parents to punish their children? Should it be forbidden? • Is it possible to bring children up without punishment? • When you were a child, did your parents punish you? Were you afraid of punishments?

Drug addiction

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Questions for discussion: ~What makes people to use drugs? ~What do you think the best anti-drugs efforts are? ~If your child or a person close to you became a drug addict, what measures would you take to stop him or her using drugs?

Marriage 1,2,3 & Counting… ;)

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Questions for discussion: How many spouses (partners?) should one have simultaneously? (Think of as many reasons as possible: historical, religious, cultural, economical, emotional, sexual, etc.) How many spouses (partners?) should one have in a row? (Think of as many reasons as possible: historical, religious, cultural, economical, emotional, sexual, etc.) What is difference between proper marriage and just living together? (Think of as many aspects as possible: historical, religious, cultural, economical, emotional, sexual, etc.) What would you personally prefer? (If you think that a certain way is “the correct one”, but you’d choose (or have chosen) another one) What do you think about homosexual marriages? Do we need marriage or other ways of mutual commitments at all?

What will the typical Russian family be in 50 years?

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Questions for discussion: ~ What amount of children will be considered optimal? ~ What will be more typical: a big family with many relatives or a small family v just parents and children? ~ Who will be the head of the family? ~ Will it be considered necessary to taught young people how to bring children up? ~ Will parents influence on the choice of their children-s profession? ~ What will be the typical place of living in the family? ~ Will be preserved tradition of having pets at home? Will some kinds of animals be adopted as pets? ~ It is possible that parents will correct the genome of their children? Everyday life


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Questions for discussion:
~ Do you think that character of a person is determined by inborn qualities or is formed during childhood? Is it possible to form a good/bad character by upbringing?
~ What does good upbringing mean, in your opinion?
~ Is it possible to bring up children without punishment? Should parents use punishment at least sometimes?
~ What is better for child, from your point of view v to go to kindergarten or to be at home with nanny?

Daily household chores

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Questions for discussion:

~ Do you like to perform household duties or not?

~ Did your parents make you perform household duties in childhood? Did you like it?

~ How are household duties divided among the members of your (your friend-s) family? Do you think that it is fair assignment of duties? Do you think that it should be changed? Why?

~ Who, in you opinion, should do more household work:

- Husband or wife?
- Parents or children?

Single mothers

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Questions for discussion: What are the factors contributing to the changes in society for single mothers? Where are the families and society social structures heading to in the modern world? How was the situation in the past? Why it’s mothers who raise children after divorce in Russia? How is it in other countries? What is it like to be a single mother? What are the problems single mothers are facing in Russia and around the world? A lot of men in Russia don’t provide their children with alimony. Why is it so? How can a woman make her ex pay alimony? What are the ways men legally avoid paying alimony while being able to do it? Why do some women choose to give birth to a child, but raise him without a partner? What about single mothers who adopt a child or children? Is it better for a child to live in an incomplete family rather than in an orphan home?

How Divorce Affects Children’s Health And Development

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Questions for discussion: How separation affects children's health and development?  When should we tell the children about impending divorce? When a child seems to have little reaction to parents divorce. Does that mean he or she doing fine? Explain? What can we do to ease the child or children through the period of divorce? Will the child or children be ok with new step-parent?  Will the child or children be ok if there are step-siblings?