Do you believe?

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Questions for discussion:

  1. Do you believe in AIDS, swine flu, bird flu, atypical pneumonia and other new disastrous plagues like those?
  2. Do you believe that people's activity causes the global warming? Do you believe in possibility of the nuclear winter catastrophe? Do you think we can fix the first plague with the second one?
  3. What about ozone holes? Isn't it scaring?
  4. Do you worry about comets, asteroids and supernovas?
  5. Do you believe that democracy is the ideal and the only possible form of governing?
  6. Do you believe in free market? Do you believe that self-interested competition in the free market would tend to benefit society as a whole by keeping prices low?
  7. Do you think our government is really clever and professional? Or are they just ignoramuses?
  8. Do you think economists and other experts are able to predict economic crises and the situation in the global market?
  9. Do you believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution? Do you think evolution really exists?
  10. Do you think inoculations are good for the health of people? Do you inoculate against flu?
  11. Do you think that in case of some disease you should go to a doctor and do not try self-treatment and self-medication?
  12. Do you believe that Christ really lived so long ago? Do you believe that the texts of the Bible don’t change throughout the centuries?