To marry or not, whom & how? (revisited)

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Questions for discussion:

  1. Why do people get married? What does mean and when is it a good time?
  2. What’s the difference between living together and being married?
  3. Is marriage a good investment? Is it more financially sound to simply stay single?
  4. Do men and women view marriage differently?
  5. Are you in favour of no sex before marriage? What’s more important purity or experience?
  6. Do you think that marriage should be for life?
  7. Is anyone ever really faithful? Does it only happen with bad people in bad relationships?
  8. Do you consider relationships via Internet as cheating?
  9. Is it better to marry someone of the same educational and social background?
  10. What do you think about international, interracial or inter-religious marriages?
  11. What age difference is acceptable?
  12. Should polygamy or homosexual marriages be legalized?