Daily household chores

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Questions for discussion:

~ Do you like to perform household duties or not?

~ Did your parents make you perform household duties in childhood? Did you like it?

~ How are household duties divided among the members of your (your friend-s) family? Do you think that it is fair assignment of duties? Do you think that it should be changed? Why?

~ Who, in you opinion, should do more household work:

- Husband or wife?
- Parents or children?

~ Do you plan your time for cleaning your apartment (for example, once a week on weekends) or you do it as and when necessary?

~ All of us have so many duties and obligations! In addition to the daily routine in offices, schools, hospitals, etc., we have always got some housework to do. It`s really surprising how much work some people manage to do, and quickly at that! But why do some people manage and not others?

Useful words and phrases: to sit around; to get round to; there is no point in doing something; at a loose end; to be fed up with; to give a hand; to do a favor

Get a move on! Do as you would be done by. A good turn deserves another.

Joke: A perfect wife is one who is willing to help her husband with the housework