Loneliness....cancer or cure?

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Questions for discussion:

  1. What things men should do to interest a woman
  2. What things women should do to interest a man
  3. Name things men shouldn't do to lose somebody they like
  4. Name things women shouldn't do to lose somebody they like
  5. Would the answers to above questions differ 30 years ago?
  6. Have you ever screwed up an amazing relationship?
  7. Share some funny or embarrassing stories from your love life
  8. Can being alone lead to more comfortable life than being with somebody?
  9. Can one have a relationship and at the same time feel alone?
  10. Do you consider yourself alone in any sense?
  11. What could be the reasons for solitude?
  12. How does loneliness affect people? How about being with somebody?
  13. Should we avoid solitude and how?
  14. In today's society, is it harder or easier to find your match?