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- Competing (I win - You lose)
- Accommodating (I Lose - You Win)
- Avoiding (I Lose - You Lose)
- Compromising (I Lose / Win Some - You Lose / Win Some)
- Collaborating (I Win - You Win)

  1. What skills and qualities do you think a good negotiator has?
  2. In what circumstances do you have to negotiates at work (both formally and informally) and in everyday life?
  3. There is a theory of five styles of negotiations behaviors:
  4. What is your preferred style of negotiation? Which negotiation styles are likely to reward you with the biggest profit?
  5. How to achieve the success in difficult negotiations (for example, salary negotiations)?
  6. Who are better negotiators – men or women?
  7. Have you ever taken part in international negotiations? Were there any cultural or religious problems?