Relations with family and partners

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Questions for discussion:

~ Relations with family:

a. What area of your life gets more attention from you: your family, your
work or your friends?

b. How much time do you spend with your family every week? Would you like to spend more time with your family members?

c. Do you have really trustful relations with your parents? Were your relations trustful when you were a child?

d. Do your relationships with your children differ from your relationships with your parents when you were a child? What is the difference?

d. Are there any traditions in your family that strengthen relations between brothers & sisters, parents & children? (for example, to gather together everyday for evening meal, to go in for sport together, to have common hobbies, etc.)

e. Have you ever quarreled with members of your family? If quarreled, who
typically tries to make peace first: you or another person? Why?

~ Relations with girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband:

a. What are your requirements to relations with your/ideal partner? What are you ready to input into relations with your partner?
b. How do you see ideal relations with girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband?

c. What is the most difficult thing when building relationships with