Single mothers

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Questions for discussion:

  1. What are the factors contributing to the changes in society for single mothers?
  2. Where are the families and society social structures heading to in the modern world? How was the situation in the past?
  3. Why it’s mothers who raise children after divorce in Russia? How is it in other countries?
  4. What is it like to be a single mother?
  5. What are the problems single mothers are facing in Russia and around the world?
  6. A lot of men in Russia don’t provide their children with alimony. Why is it so?
  7. How can a woman make her ex pay alimony?
  8. What are the ways men legally avoid paying alimony while being able to do it?
  9. Why do some women choose to give birth to a child, but raise him without a partner?
  10. What about single mothers who adopt a child or children? Is it better for a child to live in an incomplete family rather than in an orphan home?
  11. Do you think there are situations when being a single Mom is the only right decision (for example, if the relationship in a couple can't be saved, or living with a husband is dangerous for woman and her children)?
  12. What are the government and civil society's initiatives to provide a safety net for single mothers?
  13. Is there a stigma attached in Russian society for single mothers?
  14. How parents, parents-in-law, relatives support, contribute to the wellness of single mothers?
  15. What strengths do women already possess that will enhance her as single Mom? What weakness do you need to watch out for?
  16. How do single mothers handle stress and pressure now and in the past?
  17. What are the most difficult things for single mothers?
  18. How can they get prepared for that?