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Respect and Tolerance


  1. Who do you respect most of all? Why?
  2. What qualities should person have to earn your respect?
  3. Have you been in a situation when you didn’t respect a person, but he/she did something that made you change your attitude to him/her? What did he/she do?
  4. Have you been in a situation when you weren’t respected by someone, but afterwards earned his/her respect? What had changed?
  5. Have you ever lost all your respect for someone? What triggered it?
  6. Should we respect a person regardless of his/her age, race, nationality, religion and disorders?
  7. Should we respect all people regardless of their style and appearance?
  8. Who shouldn’t we respect?
  9. Why are seniors less respected in developed countries than in developing ones? Should we respect a person just because of his/her age?
  10. Why has not seding a sit to elderly people become a norm in our society?
  11. Have you been in a situation when you had to take care of people who showed no respect for you?


  1. Is tolerance the way we show respect for other people?
  2. Do you agree that discrimination is a serious? problem of the modern society? If so, how should we confront it?
  3. Who suffers from discrimination most of all?
  4. Is it sometimes hard to be tolerant?
  5. Do we have to be tolerant to people who are not tolerant to others?
  6. When does tolerance become an obsession?
  7. What do you think of politically correct words and expressions? Does replacing one word with another change its’ meaning? Which euphemisms we should use, and which of them we don’t need:
  • “black” and “African American” instead of “nigger” and “negro”;
  • “flight attendant” instead of “steward” and “stewardess”;
  • “humanity” instead of “mankind”, “artificial” instead of “man-made”, “executive” or “businessperson” instead of “businessman”/”businesswoman” and “firefighter” instead of “fireman”;
  • “unintentionally at leisure” or “non-waged” instead of “unemployed”;
  • “newcomer” instead of “immigrant”;
  • “older person”, “senior citizens” or “seniors” instead of “elderly”, “aged”, “old”, and “geriatric”;
  • “visually challenged” instead of “blind”, “people with hearing impairments” instead of “deaf”;
  • “challenged”, “differently abled” and “special” instead of “disabled” and “handicapped”?
  1. Do politically correct words help us to show more respect for people?


to earn respect – заслужить уважение
obsession – одержимость
euphemisms – эвфемизмы
deaf – глухой
handicapped - инвалид

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