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Personal Identity

  1. What views have you changed during your lifetime? How and why did you change them? Think about:
  • religious worldview;
  • political views;
  • attitude to bad habits;
  • attitude to money;
  • attitude to time;
  • views about relationships;
  • views about marriage and family;
  • views about friendship;
  • preference in music, books, movies.
  1. Did some of your views change during the last few years?
  2. Have your style changed from the time when you were a teenager? How many times did it change?
  3. How is your style reflective to your personality?
  4. Other than your parents, who has had the biggest effect on your life?
  5. What quality of him/her do you appreciate most of all? Can you say that you tried to develop that quality within yourself?
  6. Has anyone influence you in a bad way? If so, how did you counteract the effects of bad influence?
  7. Have you ever had identity crisis? If so, how did you overcome

National Identity

  1. Is nationality of a person important? To what extend does it determine a person’s personality?
  2. Do you consider some traits of your personality typical for most people of your nationality? If so, what are these traits?
  3. Are you proud for your nationality, or you are a cosmopolitan?
  4. What do you think of ethnicism? How does patriotism transform to xenophobia?
  5. How would you describe Russian national character?
  6. Are some stereotypes about Russians based on truth?
  7. What factors affect a people’s national character? What factors shaped the Russian people’s personality and culture?
  8. Do you think that bilingualism makes people many-sided? How do native speakers of two languages choose the culture that dominates in their mind?
  9. How are bilingual people different from monolingual?
  10. Did studying a foreign language affect your personality? If so, how?
  11. Do you notice any change in your own behavior when you speak English?
  12. Did you live abroad? If so, how did it change you?

Professional Identity

  1. What did you want to be when you were a child, a teenager? Did your dream come true?
  2. What influenced your career choice? By what criteria did you make a choice?
  3. Are you satisfied with your profession? If not, do you plan to change it?
  4. Have you ever had to change your profession? If so, share with us your experience.


to counteract the effects of bad influence – свести на нет результат дурного влияния
ethnicism – национализм
many-sided people – разносторонние люди
bilingualism – билингвизм, свободное владение двумя языками и использование их на практике. Различают два вида билингвизма – естественный (приобретаемый в среде носителей разных языков) и искусственный (являющийся выученным языком - через учителя).

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