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Personality (revised)

Questions for discussion:

  1. What forms our personality: our genes or the environment where we grow up? Explain your opinion, give examples.
  2. Do you think you can change a major characteristic of your personality if you make an effort? If so, what would you change?
  3. Do you think it’s possible to change any aspect of your personality?
  4. What personality traits do you consider to be important in a good friend / a boss / a partner?
  5. How do psychological traumas affect?
  6. What personality traits can a person obtain because of troubled childhood?
  7. Does our nationality determine the way we think and act? In what way?
  8. Does changing our appearance (hairstyle, clothes, etc) influence our personality as well?
  9. Do you believe in horoscopes? Can our date of birth influence our character?
  10. What are some characteristics of your personality?
  11. What makes you happy? What makes you angry?
  12. Are you happy with your personality? Would you like to be different?
  13. Are you a determined person? Are you a stubborn person?
  14. Are you shy? In which occasions are you shy?
  15. Are you more introverted (focused on your inner world) or more extraverted (focused on other people and the outer world)?
  16. Do you consider yourself to be even-tempered?
  17. Is your personality suited to your job?
  18. What personality traits should a person of your profession possess?
  19. Do you think you have an unusual personality? Why?
  20. In what way has your personality changed since your childhood? Why has it changed?

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