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New Year Season

Questions for discussion: 

  1. This is the season of gift giving. Do you have trouble picking out gifts for family members and friends? Do you prefer to buy gifts or do you give gifts that you've made yourself? Do you think consumerism has replaced the real spirit of the holidays? 
  2. Russia has among the longest federal holiday seasons. Do you think the holidays should be made shorter or stay the way they are? What are good and bad things about being on vacation for so long? Would you rather have federal holidays some other time of year? 
  3. Do you usually travel over the New Year Holidays or do you stay closer to home? If traveling, do you prefer to go to winter destinations or warmer locations? If you stay, do you go out to celebrate or stay at home? 
  4. Are there any particular traditions that you have in your family or your community on and around the New Years Holidays? Do you think the old traditions of New Years are being replaced in a generational shift?  
  5. How would you rate this past year? What were some challenges and successes for you? Are there any things that you regret?  
  6. Do you look at the new year as an opportunity to make changes in your life? Do you believe in New Years resolutions? If yes, have you ever made some and were you successful in keeping them? 
  7. Are there any important or interesting things that you are looking forward to this year (trips, sports events, festivals, family events etc.)? 

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