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Questions for discussion:

  1. Do you keep track of the financial crisis? What were the main reasons of the crisis, in you opinion?
  2. What will be the consequences of crisis for Russia, in your opinion? What is going to happen with banking sector, manufacturing sector, real estate sector?
  3. Don`t you feel that the media promotes the crisis?
  4. Has your attitude to crisis changed during the last several weeks? What were the reasons?
  5. Do you feel impact of financial crisis on yourself? If yes, what is the impact?
  6. Are you concerned with your work status? Do you feel that you may be fired because of crisis? Are you afraid that your salary may be decreased?
  7. Do you feel concern about your place on labor market? What industry sectors are the most vulnerable? The least?
  8. Do you feel concern about your savings? Do you plan to reorganize your savings because of crisis? What is more save now, in your opinion v to save money on bank accounts or to make big purchases?
  9. What currency is better for savings (rubles, dollar, euro, smth. else)? Why?
  10. What is your attitude to credits in current circumstances? Is it worth to take credits now?
  11. During the crisis many people are unable to fulfill their obligations under the loans. Should the society be concerned about and support bankrupts?
  12. Does crisis have any positive impact? If yes, what it is, in your opinion?

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