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Introverts and extraverts

  1. Are introversion and extraversion inherited qualities?
  2. In what age does the type of personality peep?
  3. Is it possible to be an extravert and introvert simultaneously? Can we get more introverted or extraverted if we want?
  4. What are the qualities that determine an introvert?
  5. What are the qualities that determine an extravert?
  6. What type of personality could you attribute yourself to and why?
  7. Can you determine personality type of any person by his behavior?
  8. What are the strong and weak points of both personality types?
  9. How to use 100 per cent of the advantages of your personality type?
  10. Is it easy for an introvert to find his place in society?
  11. What are the challenges introverts face when interacting with society and how do they meet them? What about extraverts?
  12. Can introversion be excuse for unethical behavior (for example, aggressive reactions, avoidant behavior, lack of initiative)?
  13. What professions are good for an introvert? For an extravert?
  14. How do the both types come out in a relationship?
  15. What is the best combination of personality types in a relationship?
  16. A question for women: what are the peculiarities of dating an introverted man?
  17. A question for men: what are the peculiarities of dating an introverted woman?
  18. If you could choose your personality type, would you change it? Why or why not?

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