Сhildhood. Are we similar to our parents?

1. How are you similar to your parents? How are you different?

2. Were your parents super protective?At what age could you go
places by yourself? Did your parents always tell you what to do?

3. Did you play outside? What did you like to play? How long did you
play outside a day? Could you play outside all year long?

4. Did you play on the streets? Was it dangerous to play in the streets? What kind of things did you do in the streets? Did you ever have an accident while playing in the streets? What happened?

5. When you were a child, what did you want to grow up to be? Did
you want to be a mother or father? A firefighter? A doctor? A

6. Can you remember specific things from your childhood clearly? How
old were you at the time of your first memories?

7. What kind of food did your like? Did you used to eat anything or were you a picky eater?What foods did you like eating? What foods didn't you like to eat? Did you have any foods you hated?

8.What was your favorite toy when you were a child? Who gave you this toy?Did it have a name? Do you still have it?

9. Describe the first memory you have of going to school. What did you like about school? What didn't you like about school?

10.What was your worst punishment as a child?

11. Where did you grow up? Did you move frequently? If so, why?

12. Who took care of you when you were little? A parent? A grandparent? A nanny? A daycare center?

13. Did you have any nickname? Tell us about it.

14.Were you afraid of anything? What?

15. Do you think children today eat too much fast food and don't
play enough sports?

16. Who was your best friend? How did you meet this friend? What did
you do together? Do you still do things with this childhood friend?

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