Launch of Advanced Group

Dear guests,

We are glad to announce that Advanced-level Group has been working in our Club since August 2014 along with the regular discussions.

To join the group it is necessary to pass a test estimating the level of English, which you can take immediately or after any discussion.

If you want to take the test right now, please, download and fill the file ‘ECC_Test for the Advanced Group.doc’ which is provided in the end of this article and then send it to

You can also take the test after any usual ECC discussion. To do so, please, ask an administrator to give you a printed copy at the end of the meeting.

We will tell you results as soon as test is processed, not more than in several days after submission.

Please be advised that the Advanced group may have more complicated topics to discuss vocabulary- and grammarwise, and we have to insist on undergoing the test and subscription to keep the meetings up to par.

See you at the Club!

ECC Administration

ECC_Grammar Test for an Advanced Group.doc126 KB

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