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Questions for discussion:

  1. What is experience? What kinds of experience can you name?
  2. What do you consider positive and negative experience? What is more useful for your self-development?
  3. Do you think experience can be of different quality?
  4. What are the ways we get new experience?
  5. Have you ever started doing something in order to have new experience? Was it difficult for you?
  6. What was the most surprising situation that had ever happened to you? How did you react?
  7. How do you act in situations you have never experienced before? Do you prefer to cope with them on your own or ask advice of your friends/relatives?
  8. Can you remember a very difficult situation that you managed to overcome without any help?
  9. Do you have good intuition? Does it help you to solve your problems/make decisions?
  10. There is such a phrase: “Life is a rehearsal for the performance that will never come about” (the movie Amélie). What do you think about this quotation?
  11. We constantly learn something new about life, face different kinds of challenges. You never know when life is going to teach you a lesson. Are you sometimes afraid of these challenges?
  12. Do you sometimes feel that life is a gamble, yet in this game there are moments when we have to risk not money, but some opportunity or respect of other people?

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