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Spring News

Hello, regulars and random visitors of the ECC!

Spring has come and you can see buds every now and then, as well as hear singing of the birds and narrow your eyes of the bright sunshine. Also we are in for frequent shashlyki week-ends and long trips out of town to enjoy the sunlight and see on your own the awakening of the Nature.

As winter's gone we have changes in the Club too.

News number one - we are back to the Dobrolyubov Library! All of the fans of the cosy evenings in the library's halls, be happy! This Friday we had a BACK to the LIBRARY Party!

Our irreplaceable Friday evenings ancore and favourite Discussion Leader George is back from a long winter vacation. From now on you can join his discussion every Friday. Follow the schedule and come to the most provocative and controversial discussions in the Club.

Any day soon we are expecting Raj - one of our oldest Discussion Leaders with his own style and dozens of fans - to come back from India and return to leading the discussions on his usual days. Wanna hear a story about a long trip to India? Have questions about life in Bangalore? Just missed Raj a lot? Check the announcements looking for his return!

As for me I will stop leading on Fridays and Sundays. I've been replacing the guys and got used to the audience and weekly chat. But I do not say good bye, I will continue joining the Sunday discussions as a visitor.

Good luck! And have a great time this long festive week-end!
We'll keep in touch.



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