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Below there are 25 facts that sound odd but, nevertheless, are absolutely real. What do you think about them? Facts to discuss:

  1. The War of Red and White roses didn’t have such a name in its due time. It was invented in 400 years after the conflice by Scottish writer Walter Scott.
    Could it be possible that the history we know isn't a real history, and is retold one?
  2. In 1915 a millionaire Cecil Chubb bought Stonehenge as a present to his wife. Ms Chubb didn’t like the present and it was donated to the British government in 1918.
    Did you ever give or take unwanted present?
  3. An ordinary microwave oven spends more electricity for its integrated electronic clock than for food heating.
    Do you believe that Earth hour and other deeds can help environment while we spend so much recourses for useless things?
  4. A personal exhibition of William Blake in 1809 got just one comment. The critic said that the author is insane.
    How important are critics' reviews for you? Do you try to read or to hear some opinions of movie or show before watching or visiting it?
  5. Since 1912 to 1948 the painting was being an Olympic category. In 1924 Jack Butler Yeats took a silver medal – the first Olympic prize of Ireland.
    What kind of painting do you like? Why? Who is your favorite painter?
  6. The word “cat” initially meant “a dog”. It derives from Latin word “catulus” – “a little dog”, “puppy”.
    Do you like more cats or dogs?
  7. Italian verb “asolare” means “to spend time at the enjoyable but meaningless pastime”.
    What do you like to do to asolare?
  8. The logo of Chupa-chups was designed by Salvador Dali.
    Do you pay attention to a package? Could you be as impressed by ad as you would like to try the product?
  9. An average British woman spends approximately 100 000 pounds for cosmetic during her life.
    What is the most stupid expenditure that people can do to your opinion?
  10. When Mao was ruling the country, every Chinese family had to kill a sparrow per week to stop them ruin a rice crops. The idea was senseless – sparrows don’t eat rice.
    Do you know other examples of stupid governmental doings? How one could resist them?
  11. To send a man to the Moon and to kill Usama bin Laden cost to American government the same amount of time and money: 10 years and 100 billions dollars.
    Do you think mankind should continue space exploration or we have as many problems on Earth that we better spend money solve them?
  12. Museums and galleries in Britain are visited in 7 times more than football games of Premier League.
    What are you interested more? What would you prefer to visit in Great Britain? In other country?
  13. When the novel of Victor Hugo “Les Miserables” was published first time in 1862, the author sent a telegram to his publisher asking about sails. The telegram was laconic: “?”. The reply was so laconic: “!”. By the way, in this novel there is a sentence of 823 words long, divided by 93 commas and 51 semicolons.
    The skill to form thoughts into the most appropriate words is the most essential for writer, isn’t it?
  14. Isaac Newton was a member of Parliament from Cambridge but he took a word just once: he asked to shut a window because it was cold.
    Should scientists be involved into politics? Or sportsmen? Or art people?
  15. In Great Britain at least one person per week asks to change his middle name to a “danger”.
    What name could you choose as your middle that can characterize you most?
  16. In 200 yards close to the apartment in Islington where George Orwell got an idea of his “1984”, 32 closed circuit television cameras (CCTV) are set now.
    Are you stressed due to permanent control? Why do predictions of authors of anti-utopia become true now?
  17. When a priest had asked the dying Spanish General Ramon Blanco y Erenas, does he forgive his enemies, the General answered: “No. I have no enemies. I ordered to shoot them all”. Do you have enemies? Who are they?
  18. In 2007 a Bosnian called Amir Vekhabovich imitated his own death to see how many people would come to his funeral. Only his mother came.
    Is it possible to evaluate someone’s life based on number of people attended at a funeral? How important is it to give the last honor to someone?
  19. An average British talks about weather 44 times per month with 18 persons.
    What other neutral themes to speak about with unfamiliar people do you know? Do you like small talks?
  20. The opposite of plankton is nekton – creatures who move in a water in any directions they like. So, fishes, dolphins and people are nekton.
    Do you like to swim? Where and when did you learn it?
  21. 25% of movies in Iran are shot by women but in the USA – only 4%.
    What other gender-linked occupations do you know? Why some professions are male and other are female?
  22. When Georg - Auguste Escoffier was a chief cook of Carlton Hotel in London he fed his English clients by frog legs called “a nymph of a down”.
    What is the most exotic food you ever try? Did you enjoy it?
  23. Austrian composer and painter Arnold Schoenberg was superstitious about number 13. He was afraid to die in 76 because 7+6=13. And that happend. More than that he died in Friday, the 13 of July, 13 minutes before midnight.
    Do you believe that our fears can attract unwanted events?
  24. Towel is significant thing in Belorussian culture: it is placed even on the flag of the country. On traditional belorussian wedding a bride comes to a church dragging a towel.
    What another odd traditions do you know? Do you agree that every tradition has a histirical roots and if we know these, we can accept the tradition?
  25. The sci-fi novel of Frank Herbert "Dune" was rejected to public 20 times. Finally it was approved by publisher of car instructions. Result? Dune is the world's best-selling science fiction novel. What could be motivation to proceed resultless process? Is it possible that we lost some brilliant books due to their authors had no enough patience and confidence or manuscripts don't burn?

Plus, one more fact which doesn't have a question yet:White rhinoceros and black rhinoceros are the same colour. What would you ask based on this fact?
All facts are taken from book “1227 QI facts to blow your socks off”. If you disagree with any of these facts please contact John Lloyd, John Mitchinson or James Harkin.

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