To Live and Survive in the Office

1. Do you believe that in the office there are sharks, donkeys, jackals and other animal-prototype employees? What kind of workers do you notice in your office? In which spheres you can find them in abundance?

2. What are the skills/traits of character that annoy you most in your colleagues? What do you like in your colleagues? What kind of colleagues do you ignore? What type are those colleagues?

3. How to survive in a company: common rules and general practices?

4. A good and understanding boss versus a strict and demanding one: which one do you prefer? Which do you think is a more effective way of management?

5. What’s your attitude to the colleagues who prefer to establish a strong communication with the bosses, especially with the bosses of their bosses? Do you do that? Why or why not? How can you do that?

6. What is your attitude to people attempting to make friends with the boss?

7. Friends among colleagues: good/ bad or neutral for the quality of work? Is such a friendship long-lasting? What if one person takes advantage over another under the cover of a friend’s favour?

8. Disputes and conflicts among colleagues: what causes them? Do we need them in our working life?

9. "My boss is a female!!!" How does it affect male subordinates? How do women survive with a female boss? Is it always good or bad?

10. Bosses and their Personal Assistants (PAs): love affairs, big secrets, bad temper – true or false? Do you believe in this? Do PAs have special influence? Why do all soviet movies depict receptionists receiving chocolates and souvenirs from their colleagues?

11. Can fighting for a promotion be fair? What are people capable of to be promoted?

12. A good executive or a good manager: what are the problems a professional faces when promoted? Do you think everyone wants to become a boss? Why?

13. Have you ever been a witness or victim of mobbing in the office? What do you think about this phenomenon?

14. "The best place under the sun": where is the best place in the office - close to the conditionner, close to the window, close to the lavatory or kitchen?

15. What's a better way of working space organization in your opinion: small rooms or open space? What are the pros and cons?

Mobbing - in the context of human beings means bullying of an individual by a group in any context, such as a family, school, workplace, neighborhood, or community. (by Wikipedia)

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