Human Settlement on Mars: Mars One Mission

Questions for discussion:

  1. For some people it is better to lose a leg than live forever on a hostile planet. Current technology can provide you with only one-way trip to Mars. Will you agree on that? On what conditions may you possibly agree to go?
  2. Will you donate to Mars One Mission? How much are you ready to donate? If not, who do you think should sponsor this program? Is this program important for mankind and for you personally?
  3. In your opinion in what year is it possible to deliver selected team to Mars and make a settlement there?
  4. What are the greatest risks and challenges with Mars One Mission?
  5. How in your opinion people going to Mars should be trained? Do they need to be psychologically tested? How is better to choose people? How many people should go to Mars in your opinion?
  6. Do you know how many people applied to go to Mars in 2022 and 2024? Do you think there should be fines for them if they refuse to go just before the expedition?

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