Space Exploration By Humans

Questions for discussion:

  1. What in your opinion are the main reasons for space exploration:
    • Science development, testing of new technologies;
    • General human interest to find another leaving creatures;
    • Military purposes, space borders protections from invaders;
    • To find new planet that will be suitable to settle on after possible catastrophe on Earth;
    • To use discovered space for commercial reasons, for example, manufacturing of goods, extraction of minerals and other resources, relocating nuclear and other dangerous facilities, for scientific experiments, etc.;
    • Tourism and other entertainment?
  2. Do you think space exploration programs should be financed by government or by private organizations? Do you know % of annual budget Russia is spending on space programs?
  3. What famous space programs do you know? (Soviet Moon program, Apollo-Soyuz, Space Shuttle, Voyager, Glonass, GPS...)
  4. What modern trends in space exploration attract your attention? (eg, Mission to Mars, Glonass, Space tourism, etc.)
  5. What films, books, researches, etc. have you watched/ read? What are your favorites?
  6. Have you ever considered your career to be related to space exploration, for example, as an astronaut? Have you thought about this career for your children, for other relatives? Explain your opinion.
  7. Do you know the salary of astronaut in Russia? What in your opinion it should be?
  8. Guess how many astronauts are there in the world (currently alive + dead). What is the percentage of woman among them? Can you name famous astronauts?
  9. Have you ever tried astronaut food? Do you find it tasty? How many days do you think you may survive on this food?
  10. Have you been to planetariums in Russia and abroad? In what cities? What is your favorite?

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