The ECC guests participate in making a news report

Devin taking interview from Nick

The ECC guests collaborated with the US TV channel Local 4 to give an interview about Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. Learn how it was and see our report in pictures...

The ECC Team had been approached by Devin Scillian Local 4 TV Presenter from the US who was making a series of reports about Winter Olympics in Sochi. He sought for an opinion of English-speaking natives on a number of questions related to the issue.

The Local 4 TV crew attended a regular Club’s meeting on Sunday. It was pretty crouded that day - the guests occupied two tables. To warm up the ECC team provided both groups with topics about winter sports, Sochi Winter Olympics, and political issues related to this event.

What we love our guests for is that they always have something so say. The viewpoints varied and sometimes were even opposite, as all of the participants have different life experience. The discussions at both tables were heated, as it always happens with political topics.

The TV crew used part of the materials they filmed for soundbites and based the reports on the information and opinions they got from our guests. Recently we received an email from Devin saying ‘Thank you!’ to the participants and the English Communication Club for providing support and assistance in preparation of the reports. You can find the videos here and here. See more pictures in the albums in our Vkontakte and Facebook groups.


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