New Year Party: How it was

...and toasts to the coming New Year

Dear guests!

On behalf of the ECC team let me wish you all the best in New Year 2014 and present our first press-release. Here you can find the details of the Christmas Party that took place on the 20th of December 2013 in the Dobrolyubov Library.

First of all I would like to thank our guests for coming and brining in their good mood, smiles and expectations which I hope we did meet and even exceed.

Our main aim was to create a friendly and festive atmosphere and encourage our guests to speak English and have fun.

How it was:

We started at 7.30 pm with snacks and toasts to the coming New Year wishing each other a Merry Christmas and more opportunities of practicing and improving English in 2014 :-) Our Discussion Leaders Raj, George, Trevor and Harry with his friends were the centers of our guests’ attention during the table talk. Photos

After a small chat we announced the beginning of the Communication Game. According to the rules the prize goes to the one who manages to gather three facts about every guest.
All the ECC team and my humble self are happy to greet the winner - Asya Bekesheva - who received the main award - the Certificate with a special bonus.
To win the prize Asya had to be proactive and use her English to the utmost - she did a huge work asking each participant various questions and filling out the form in English.
You did a great job, Asya! Recieve our congratulations and best wishes in the year 2014 :-)

After the game our Movie Club Discussion Leader Victoria carried out a festive photo session near a New Year tree. The club provided a huge assortment of colorful wigs, masks, hats, and ribbons which made the session funny and bright. You can see it for yourself at the photo report in our facebook and vkontakte group albums. Photos, Photos, Photos

In the meantime New Year decorations workshop opened in the big room guided by Maria, the Creative Director at the ECC. Our guests made masterful snowflakes and New Year and Christmas greeting cards. There were all kinds of materials and tools provided by the Club as well as snowflakes and other handcraft items’ tips and prompts of greetings. With the help of our Administrators Nastya and Chris and our dear guests the ECC team decorated a party board which later on was complete with a yearly horoscope in English and photos of the participants. You can find it in the Library till February 14. Photos

All through the party the festive atmosphere was created by the smell of tangerines, theme music and a movie Love Actually which was on the big screen with subtitles in English. The abundance of snacks and several kinds of juices and soda on the table complete with friends and interesting activities made our Christmas Party homely and unforgettable. Photos

See you at our next party!

Maria Loginova,
Creative Director
The English Communication Club

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