1)Did you meet any interesting people in vacation? Can you tell me about them.
2)Did you notice any cross-cultural differences during your vacation?
3)How do you feel after a long vacation?How many days was your vacation?
4)Did you encounter any problems during your vacation?How did you resolve them?
5)In what ways did you obtain real satisfaction when you were on vacation?
6)Was the place you went to very different from where you live?What were the women like?What were the men like?Were people friendly?Did you stay in a hotel?What was the daily rate?
7)What historical sites did you visit and what did you learn?
8)What interesting people did you meet? Tell me about them.What souvenirs did you buy?
9)What was the best food you ate during your vacation?
10)What was the most enjoyable thing that you did during your vacation?
11)Where did you go for your last vacation?Did people speak English there?Did you have any problems?Did you use a lot of English?
12)What was the most interesting thing that you did during the vacation?
13)Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?
14)Where in the world would you most like to go for your next vacation?why?
15)Of all the places you visited, which would you recommend to your friends?
16)Have you ever run out of money when you are on holidays?
17)Who is the most remarkable person you have ever met on holiday?
18)How would you feel if there weren't any holidays?Have you ever been mugged while on vacation?
19)Have you ever thought of giving up your holiday due to unavoidable reasons?

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