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Running your own business Vs. working for a boss (Pros and Cons)

1. What freelance professions do you know?
2. Have you ever been a freelancer? What was your job?
3. The aspect of discipline: is it difficult to get down to work when there is nobody to control you?
4. If your acquaintance decides to work freelance what advice will you give him or her to help a) arrange a working schedule, b) arrange a place for work, c) inform friends and relatives not to disturb when she or he is working, etc. What kind of atmosphere and environment does a freelancer need?
5. How much, do you think, will a salary of a freelancer and a regular worker differ?

Business of your own
6. Is being a freelancer and running a business of your own the same thing? What’s the difference, if any?
7. Have you ever started your own business?
8. Do you think people who started a business are different from those working for a boss? Are they enterprenuers from very young or do they become businesslike with years?
9. What gives you more freedom: running a business or being a regular day worker?
10. Do you think the risks are worth being your own boss or not?

Working for a boss
11. Are there more advantages or disadvantages in working for a boss for you? (Compared to freelance and running your own business)
12. In what aspects will making a chareer from the bottom of a chareer stairs be different from setting a start up?
13. Can you find ways to make your everyday working routine more interesting, exciting?
14. If you have always worked for a boss, confess, have you ever thought of starting up a business?

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