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Raj, Discussion Leader:


Hi, my name is Raj, I am from Bangalore city in India. I am a kind, patient, understanding, intellectual person. About my hobbies - i like traveling, horse riding, river rafting, rock climbing, playing football and chess. I have been speaking English since my school days as I studied in Canadian International school and communicated with friends and family members in English. I have been living in Moscow over a year and will continue to live and work.

English is the most commonly used language among foreign language speakers. Throughout the world, when people with different languages come together they commonly use English to communicate. Learning English will open your job prospects and increase your standard of living. The best way to practiсe English is to listen and  speak. English Сommunication Сlub is the best place to meet different individuals with different professional backgrounds.We speak on various topics. Questions are  tricky and sharp. Friendly and intense discussions are some of the important  ingredients of my style of leading discussions.


Very exciting topic. Everything is excellent.


Discussions are always interesting when Raj leads them. I like topics he chooses and the way he leads discussion.
He is friendly and talkative. I like to speak to him.


He is a good moderator, very emotional, attentive, sincere and professional


Raj is a great tutor :) His topics are tricky and difficult, that makes discussions very hot and emotional in a good way.


Excellent club and Raj is very professional team leader (by this time I talked only with him). But I'm sure that other leaders good too.


Over the time that we have been working together, Raj has become my friend and a dear colleague. I advise everyone who is fond of talking about relations and relashionships to visit his table at the club meeting. Raj knows how to heat up a discussion, and he is good at asking all kinds of questions.


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