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How important is music in your life? What kind of music do you prefer? What kind of it you can`t stand? Which role does music play in modern society? What would life be without music? Can music really change the way you feel? Are you a good singer? Did you take part in school musicals and other musical events? Can you play a musical instrument? Where did you learn it? Have you ever dreamed of becoming a rock star? How music has been developing? Can you try to predict the future development of music? What are the best place and time to listen to the music?


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Questions for discussion: Are you interested in art? Which type of art do you like most? Do you often visit art galleries/ theaters/ cinemas/ museums etc.? What art consist of? What about modern art? What do you think about modern art? Is it developing or degrading? Do you have special liking for some art movement? Do you believe that art can help us to cope with problems? Are there any examples in your life? It is said that artists are exalted people. Do you agree? Are there any artists (painters/ musicians/ photographers/ actors) among your friends? Are you a creative person? In which way it becomes apparent?

Arts and Music

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What kind of arts do you prefer? Why do you think they are necessary for people? Are they connected with things you’ve met in your childhood? Have you ever attended special schools of arts or some studios/workshops (at any age)? What are preconditions of being genius in Arts? Is it heredity (things we get from parents) or variability (things we can develop)? What sort of ‘acts’ did your parents do to make you ‘the greatest person of all times and nations’ in any kind of Arts? What type of Arts were you taught to? What of them did you succeed in? Do you have some ideas why a child or an adult becomes successful in Arts? Can you share with us your or your friends’ strategies for it? What is you favorite sort of visual arts? Is it exhibitions of pictures? What sort of them? Is it films? What are you favorite genres of movies and why? Do you like computer games? Can we compare games to ‘the Art’? Can we consider ‘3-D advertisement’ or even ‘out-door advertisement’ as ‘an Art’? What kind of music do you enjoy? Is it Russian ‘pop’, foreign ‘rock’ or disco, ‘folk’, ‘classical music’, ‘New Age’, ‘alternative’, ‘rap’or another style? Give us really concrete ‘pros and cons’ on any of those points! Persuade us in it! What do you think are really important points for a person (personality traits) who makes an Art? How do ‘artists’ find themselves in our society? What is it like to be an artist? Do they sacrifice anything? Would you like being an ‘artist’?


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Questions for discussion: Do you more often go to the theatre or to the cinema? Is theatre an eternal art that will exist for good or will it disappear soon? What play did you see last time when you were in the theatre? Did you like it? What was it about? What performances do you prefer - comedies, dramas, musicals, ballet, opera or something else? Do you have favorite actors or actresses? Who are they?

Music in our life

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Questions for discussion: ~I can`t imagine my life without music / I don`t often listen to a music ~Music helps me in my work/ Music is noise that prevent me to work and concentrate ~I like to visit music shops/ I don`t like visit music shops ~I prefer to listen to the radio/ I prefer to watch music TV programs ~I like to visit music concerts/ I have never been at a music concert ~My favorite music groups (singers)

Is it possible for modern people to live without art?

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Questions for discussion: • Is it possible for the modern people to live without art? • How often do you visit galleries of the fine art? When were you there for the last time? • What is your favorite genre of fine art? (painting in oil, painting in water-colors, fresco, icons, vase-painting, genre painting, graffiti art etc. ) • Are you fond of painting yourself? • Is it possible to be a great artist without hard education? • What places in Moscow do you know that are connected with famous Russian artists?

What would your acting be like?

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Questions for discussion: Who is your favorite actor? Who is your favorite actress? What do you think that both men and women are called actors nowadays? Would you like to be an actor? Do you think men or women are better at acting? Do you think today’s actors are better than those from 30, 40 or 50 years ago? Do you think it’s strange that most actors are beautiful or handsome? Do you think anyone can become an actor? Are there any actors you really don’t like? Do you like actors from other countries?