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Questions for discussion: 1.What's are your favorite movies and what do you like about them? 2. what type of movies become blockbusters? 3. Do you like old soviet movies? 4. Do you like watching movies at home or at cimema halls. 5. what do you know about film-making?


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When did you learn to read? What were your favorite books in different periods of your life? Have your taste for literature changed since childhood? How has it changed? What kind of reading do you prefer now (books, magazines, internet, smth. else)? What kind of books do you read now (classical literature, fiction, science fiction, novels, detective stories, historical novels, business books, smth.else)? Why/what for do you read books (for pleasure, for getting some information for your work, for your self-education, for smth. else)? Do you choose yourself what to read or do you read the books which are popular or which are recommended to you by your friends? Are books written by contemporary writers worth reading? Or maybe we should read only books by distinguished writers? Do you like to discuss books with your friends? Have you ever had a friendship started from having common interests in reading? Which book influenced you most recently?

New Year Holidays

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Questions for discussion: Where are you going to meet this New Year (at home with family; with friends; at the club; at the Red Square; in some trip)? Do you prepare New Year presents beforehand or just before the holiday? Do you like to prepare New Year presents or it is a nightmare for you? Do you prepare New Year presents only for your family or also for your friends and colleagues? What do you like more: to give presents or to be given ones? Do you like to congratulate your friends/relatives or you consider it to be a boring duty? If you like to congratulate others, how do you do that (by phone, sms, email, post card)? Do you like to congratulate people on the 31st of December, just before/after the midnight, on 1st or 2nd of January? Do you like New Year holidays? Would you prefer them to be longer/shorter? Do you take additional vacation to make them longer? What do you like to do on New Year holidays (to do nothing; to go to friends/relatives; to go to the cinema; to go shopping; to go in for sports (skating, skiing, etc), to go to some trip; smth else)?


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Questions for discussion: Why do people see movies? What are you reasons? Where do you prefer to see movies? Does your choice depend on a type of a film? What is your favourite genre? Why? Who’s your favourite actor(ess)?Why? Who’s your favourite character(s)? Why? Who played it(them)? What’s your attitude to TV series? Do you watch any? Why? Why not? What’s your attitude to old movies as to compare to modern ones? What’s the most important in a movie (the plot, the actors, special effects, the scenery, etc.)? What’s the best movie you’ve seen this year? Why? Could you advertise your favourite movie?

Movies and Theater

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Questions for discussion: ~ What kind of movies do you like? Why? ~ What is your attitude to the theater? Why? ~ Do you have your own criteria of a good film or a performance? Give an example, please ~ What is your opinion about difference between the movie and the theater? ~ What a film or a performance can you recommend? Explain why. Give an example. ~ What is your attitude to the job of an actor? ~ Do you like watching a film or a performance? ? Explain why. Give an example. ~ Can you imagine your life without movie and the theater? Explain why. ~ What is the difference between Russian movies and foreign movies? ~ How can the movie and the theater make your life better and happier?

Different entertainments in our life

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Questions for discussion: ~ Why do people need entertainments? Tell your opinion, please ~ What are the best entertainments for you? ~ What kinds of entertainments do exist? ~ What do you think about casino and lotteries as entertainments? ~ What do you think of a job in the show business? What is your opinion about cruel entertainments like female boxing or a bullfight? ~ Do you think that hunting for wild animals is a correct thing? ~Some people like visiting football, volleyball as spectators. What about you?


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Questions for discussion: ~Is a vacation necessary thing for you or you're able to work for several years without intermission? ~Do you typically plan your vacation or think where to go just before the holiday? ~When you choose where to go, how do you typically define a place for vacation? (By travel company, by Internet, on advice of your friends/colleagues/relatives, smth. else) ~When do you prefer to take vacation? Why? ~For what period do you get your vacation? (For a month once a year, for two weeks twice a year, smth else)

Criminal films

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Questions for discussion: ~ Is the popularity of gangster films a result of criminalization of our society? ~ Do we need the censorship of gangster films now days? Should we limit criminal films on our TV, in our Russian cinematography? ~ Why some foreign gangster films have become the classic of this genre? ~ We can divide all gangster films for two types: - The main hero is a good police man and we empathize him - The main hero is a gangster and we empathize him ~ Why in the one film we empathize the gangster and in another film we empathize the policeman? ~ What is the last gangster film you`ve seen? And what are your impressions?

Film, film, film...

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Questions for discussion: ~ What is a movie for you? (art; amusement and entertainment; industry of show-business; anything else) ~ What statement is closer to you: cinema is a survival of the past / cinema will live forever? ~ Do you think that a successful premiere is possible without advertising? ~ If you had a chance to play part in the film, whom would you want to play? ~ If you had a chance to write a scenario, what it would be about? ~ What is the last film that has impressed you?


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Questions for discussion: How much time do you spend on TV? What kind of broadcasts do you like? Do you try to find some interesting TV-programs in internet? In youtube, for instance? There are pretty many people in TV: Гордон, Дуня Смирнова and Татьяна Толстая, Собчак, Соловьев, Кучер, Пушков, Хакамада, Нагиев, Дибров, Ханга, Лолита, Чехова, Малахов, Галкин. What kind of TV-leaders do you like? In what kind of TV-shows would you like to participate? By the way, it is possible. Would you like to be a TV-announcer, reporter or journalist? Does any censorship exist on TV? Should it exist? Do astrologists, parapsychologists, magicians, hypnotizers, priests, extremists and terrorists have a right to cheat people?