Everyday life


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Questions for discussion: Can you eat the same food everyday? Is it important to learn cooking? Do you like to cook? What dishes can you cook? Do you want your spouse to cook for you everyday? Can you live on fruit and vegetables for 1 month? How many meals a day one should eat? Do you follow any diet plan? Is it ok to skip dinner sometimes? Does healthy food make us strong and good- looking?

Youth and Old Age

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Questions for discussion: (ask and answer) Are young people generally more selfish than their parents and grandparents? Should adults try to teach young people lessons, such as the dangers of drinking too much, taking drugs or contracting the HIV virus, or should they leave them alone to find out about these things themselves? What do you think is the best age to be? Explain your opinion. Most countries give young people rights as they reach a certain age. For example, British people can legally make love or fight for their country at the age of 16; they can drink, vote and drive a car when they are 18. Does your country have similar laws? Do you think that any of the age limits need changing? Should young people have to do some form of military or community service by law?

Age: Youth & Old Age

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What do you think is the best age to be? Why are so many differences between generations? Can you name them? Should adults try to teach young people lessons, such as the dangers of drinking too much, taking drugs or catch the AIDS virus, or should they leave them alone to find out about these things themselves? Do you feel respectful to the older generation and for what? If people are still able to (and want to) work, should they have to retire when the reach a certain age? Are you afraid of getting old? Have you ever thought about what would you like to do in old ages? In Russia and in many other countries, there is a tradition of choosing leaders who are quite advanced in years. Do you think that older people are better leaders? Some people say that youth is a state of mind, do you agree?

Gossip and Rumors

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Questions for discussion: How would you define gossip? Can it be somehow positive thing? What do you think of those who spread gossips? Do you know any rumour spreader? Does it happen to you when you gossip unintentionally? Can you prevent yourself from it? Have you ever heard any gossip about yourself? Did you confirm or dispel it? Can we trust any information that we hear on a grapevine? Do you consider yourself a reliable person in keeping secrets? Have you ever spilt the beans? What is your attitude to gossip about famous people? Do you care about it? Have you ever had a feeling that someone made a monkey out of you?

Ambitions: Achieving only satisfactory results or getting to the very "top"?

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Questions for discussion: Many men, many minds! What is AMBITION for you? We all set goals, do you?? Our ambitions - what are they based on? How feasible are they in reality? Can ambitions ruin friendship (good relations)? Professional ambitions and family - where is the balance? How to find it? Ultimate role, which our ambitions play in our lives - how would you describe their influence (positive/moderate/negative) - open discussion!


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Questions for discussion: Have you ever faced danger? What was the degree of this danger? Have you tried doing anything dangerous that could risk your life? If no, would you like to try? Do you like extreme sport? Do you understand those who do dangerous sports? Do you think your neighborhood is dangerous? Are you afraid of walking home late at night? Are you a person that worries about nothing or everything? Give an example of something that you worry (or don't worry) about. Would you risk your life for someone? What country do you consider the most dangerous in the world and why? Can we stay away from danger?


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Questions for discussion: Do you like to give pieces of advice? Do you like when someone else gives you advice? Do you think that you are quite wise person in giving advice? Is there any person whose pieces of advice you respect more than others? Do you usually follow advice fully or partially? Do you find that people who always give pieces of advice are annoying? Do you think that we should ask before giving pieces of advice? What are the polite ways to give advice in English? Why shouldn't psychologists give advice? There are many TV programs where clever people give their advices how to cope with problems. Are you interested in these pieces of advice? Do you follow them? What is the most stupid advice you have ever got/given? Give me some advice:

Healthy Lifestyle

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Questions for discussion: Is it possible to have a healthy life style in modern world? Why do many people try to have a healthy life style? What is the main purpose of it? What for you is healthy food? Do you agree with the statement: "Eat your breakfast, share your lunch with a friend and give your dinner to your enemy"? What are the most effective ways to lose weight? Do you think diets are useful or not? Is physical activity (jogging, going to a gym, swimming pool) an important part of a healthy life style? Do you agree that alcohol is healthy sometimes? What is a healthy dose of alcohol? How much can a person drink daily without any damage to his/her health? What is the damage of alcohol abuse to health? How do you usually cope with stress? What are the areas of your life where stress situations take place more often?


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Questions for discussion: Do you think it's important to know what is going on in the world/in your country/in your town? Why or why not? What is the role of newspapers in society? How do you think will newspapers disappear in the future? Which kind of news is the best for you? Why? (Newspaper, Radio, Television, Internet) Do you think the news tells us just information without giving its opinion? Should the news give an opinion at all? Do you trust the information you get from the news? If the news reported your week, what would be the headline? Are you interested in tabloid newspapers which tell about private life of celebrities? Which news are you interested in? (Sport, politics, culture events, weather forecast, social events etc.)


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Questions for discussion: What causes anger? In which cases do you get hot under the collar in your everyday life? What are various ways people respond to anger? Is it possible for you not to respond when somebody makes your blood boil? Can anger be ever justified? If so, how can we determine whether it is? How can you calm somebody down when he/she is on the warpath? Do you think men and women show their anger differently? Do you feel remorseful when you fly off the handle? When was the last time you got angry? What do you usually do when you get angry? What are the physical effects of getting angry? (blood pressure) Is getting angry an effective way of dealing with problems? Do you ever have a sense of relief after having an outburst?