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Questions for discussion:

  1. What does good upbringing mean, in your opinion?
  2. How much is it important for a child to have a full family? What could be the consequences of being brought-up in a one-parent family?
  3. Is it possible to bring up children without punishment? Should parents use punishment at least sometimes?
  4. What is better for a child, from your point of view, to go to kindergarten or to be at home with a nanny?
  5. What is better for a child, from your point of view, to grow up alone or with brothers/sisters?
  6. What is better for child, from your point of view , to begin to study as early as possible (art, music, sport, languages, reading) or to enjoy childhood without too much education?
  7. If your child wanted a pet, would you buy it?
  8. Do you/ Will you bring your children up the same way you parents did? Why? Why not? What would you change in upbringing of your children comparing with your own upbringing?
  9. What is the most important in up-bringing?
  10. Is character of a person, in your opinion, determined mostly by inborn qualities or formed during childhood? Is it possible to form a good/bad character by upbringing?
  11. Why does it happen that children from good families go the wrong way?
  12. What can we do to prevent children from having bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, etc.?