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Questions for discussion:

  1. Children don't have to suffer, so alimony must be paid by a parent who leaves the family. / Only if a parent does not support a child he or she may be sued. It's up to him (her) to decide what his (her) child needs.
  2. Alimony is created to support children. / Alimony is created to punish men.
  3. Men must help women and their children, and so women don't have to be grateful for men's support. If men don't want to help women, they must be forced to do that by law. / Mutual dependence exists between men and women. And you always have the right to hear thanks for your support and expect to be supported back by other side.
  4. One quarter of a salary is not a big sum of money. / If we take income minus taxes, and minus cost of living, and minus money invested into a business, it won't be 25 percent it may be more that 90 or 100 percent.
  5. A child is a burthen. The one who suffers from having to live with a child must be compensated by one who enjoys a happy life without a child. / Having a child is happiness, so the one who is deprived from that happiness must be compensated.
  6. Sex is a bestial joy, men, not women, want to have sex, and as a result of sex women inevitably have babies they would prefer never to have. So men are guilty and must be punished. / No sane person would ever say such things.
  7. Contraception is never safe. Men and women are equally responsible for her unwanted pregnancy. / Women are more responsible. The semen can easily be stolen from a man (it is not even considered to be a crime), so men don't have any means of safe birth control, so men may not be responsible for unwanted pregnancy.
  8. Women should have rights and should not have responsibilities. It's her body and it's up to her to decide whether to abort a baby or not. / If men have duties they should also have rights. Abortion may not be committed without consent of the father. It may not be committed at all because a baby is a human being who wants to live.
  9. Family is a woman and her children, and men are not always necessary for normal family. / If both parents want to have a divorce it's up to them to decide who will pay who, but no one have a right to kick another spouse from the family if that another one had been responsible. If not there must be a court decision for that.
  10. It is more natural that children stay with women. / Why is it considered to be so? The practice shows the opposite.
  11. Women always try to keep the family, so if divorces happen it is all because of men's guilt. / On the contrary. Men usually propose and women almost never - they very often refuse. Those are women who usually demand divorce, not men. Alimony provokes divorces.
  12. You can't separate a mother and a child, so a father is the one who has to leave in case of divorce. / Your children may be taken from you (or you may be taken from your child) only if you are a slave. Our society supposes that men are slaves. It's terrible.
  13. If divorces happen it is because men are bad. / Big percent of women plan divorce subconsciously even before the marriage. She wants her child to be entirely hers and she wants money, not a man.

The U.S. Constitution: Amendment - Slavery Abolished. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. Thus the only way that Alimony could therefore be legally justified is as punishment! But, punishment for what? What is the crime?

The International Labour Organization's Forced Labour Convention of 1930 defines forced labour as "all work or service, which is exacted from any person under the menace of any penalty and for which the said person has not offered himself voluntarily."